Discuss how Eriksons stage of psychosocial development of

Question: In this unit's Discussion Boards, you will explore how the various roles of middle adulthood impact self-concept and personality during this stage of life. Adults in their middle years of development often have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of self-related to their societal and cultural settings (e.g., family, work, and culture).

This mature view of self includes an understanding of strengths, abilities, skills, and interests that help them to cope with their many responsibilities. Because of this, many report interest in guiding members of the younger generation to help them to gain a better understand of themselves. This is a key goal of adults in this developmental period.

Discuss how Erikson's stage of psychosocial development of generativity versus stagnation motivates the decisions made by adults during middle adulthood.

How do the additional responsibilities of the middle adulthood affect adults'' self-concept (e.g., physical, social, psychological, and vocational)?

Propose strategies for helping clients who are members of the sandwich generation to protect them from physical and psychological problems because of increased responsibilities.

Next, read "Development in Midlife" from Annual Review of Psychology. Our Reading refers to midlife crisis as a myth rather than a standard for adults in their middle adult years. Evaluate the reasons for the author's position that the midlife crisis is not a common experience.

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