Develop the HRM Plan consisting of several key programmes.

Task 1 Strategic Human Resource Planning

A Strategic Human Resource Management System is presented below:

For your workplace, or a workplace you have access to, outline how the organisation approaches each of the functional components as presented above. Analyse their strategic

plans to determine human resource strategic direction, objectives and targets and determine whether these are being met. Determine how the organisation is approaching its future human resource needs and any shortfalls that may appear.
• Analyse
• Determine

Complete a Workforce Development Plan using the following template based on your research:

Task 2 Strategic Human Resource Planning

Following on from the Task 1, once the HR issues have been prioritised and the top management team have given their input into the direction of the HRM Plan, the Plan is ready to be drawn up. The Plan is unique and specific to the department. It represents the top management team's collective view on how the identified HR issues are to be addressed.

What to Do
For an organisation you are familiar with:
• Develop the HRM Plan consisting of several key programmes. Each programme should represent one of the key HR areas that needs addressing, e.g. training, staff relations, etc. Each department's set of programmes will be unique based on their own set of issues. Each programme within the plan should contain the following information :
o Strategic importance of the programme: Describe the background of the programme, why it is included as one of the programmes within the HRM Plan.
o Programme objectives: List out the aims of the programme. Be as specific as possible in terms of what the programme will achieve for the department.
o Programme recommendations: Develop the specific set of actions within the programme that will be carried out. The actions of the programmes, taken together, should be designed to achieve the programme objectives.

• After obtaining management's input on how to address the HR issues, make additional recommendations, if any, to address the identified and prioritised HR issues.
• Group the recommendations into approximately 5-10 programme headings, e.g. training, staff relations, etc.
• Draw up various HRM programmes which taken together will form the HRM plan.
• Each programme should be approximately 1 page. Each programme should contain an explanation of its strategic importance, objectives, and recommendations.
• Prepare a summary list of HRM programmes covering the programme headings and their key objectives for easy reference.
• Circulate the HRM Plan to concerned parties for comments.
• Incorporate comments and finalise the HRM Plan.
• Upon finalisation of the Plan, departments may like to consider identifying a "driver programme" in implementing proposals in the Plan. A "driver programme" is one of the HRM programmes that if implemented will have a major impact on helping the department achieve its strategic objectives. The programme may also serve as the platform for implementing and reinforcing the other related HRM programmes, e.g. performance management can "drive" the development of competencies, identification of training and development gaps, career development and succession plans.

Attachment:- Strategic Human Resource Planning.rar

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