Develop an in-service seminar for 10-12 newly-hired

Question: Develop an in-service seminar for 10-12 newly-hired teachers who will be instructing 1st-year university students, either in a traditional or virtual context. The in-service teachers will be offering instruction in different subject matters, such as language, mathematics, art, and business.

Your seminar, however, will be designed to give the new teachers additional background in the areas of pedagogy and learning, relevant for all fields of study. You should be prepared to present current research on learning, incorporating concepts related to culture, technology, globalization, and other timely issues.

Your seminar should include the following:

(1) An executive summary of the seminar;

(2) Learning objectives;

(3) A fully-developed course outline (syllabus) with reading assignments;

(4) PowerPoint slides;

(5) Exercises and assignments, along with appropriate assessment instruments; and

(6) a comprehensive reading list. Design the seminar for 20 hours of instruction, at least half of which should be interactive in some way. (3,500-4,000 words)

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