Develop an approach for the change within the organization

BUSS 2010 Change Management and Change Project

The company - Domino''s Pizza

Learning Outcome 1: Develop an approach for the change within an organisation.
Learning Outcome 2: Develop and use his/her creativity to find creative solutions to the challenges put upon him /her

Assignment Objective

After completing this assignment, You will be able to a develop an approach for the change within the organization and find solutions to the challenges.

Assignment Tasks

Change Management and Change Project plays a significant role in organizational decision making processes. You as a Manager, Select / Conceptualize / Assume any organization of your choice. Study the fundamental concepts of Change Management from the book "Leading change" by John P Kotter and published by Harvard Business School Publishing. Apply the gained knowledge on solving the following tasks.

1. With reference to the selected organization, perform the following

i. Critically evaluate and discuss the stakeholder analysis of the selected company.
ii. Critically analyze and discuss developing vision strategies and communicating change vision strategies.

2. With reference to the change management on the selected organization, critically analyse, map and discuss the following key aspects of Kotter's 8 steps on change management.

a. Creating a guiding coalition
b. Empowering broad based actions
c. Generating short term wins
d. Consolidating and producing more
e. Anchoring the change

3. References(APA Style 7th Edition).

APA style 7th Edition references.

• Explain with suitable diagrams wherever required. Diagrams must be drawn using suitable software or by pencil.
• Each student has to do the assignment individually / Students have to do the assignment collaboratively and each student should write a brief reflection on their contribution and learnings from group work.
• You can refer books in e-Library or use internet resource. But you should not cut and paste material from internet nor provide photocopied material from books. The assignment answers should be in your own words after understanding the matter from the above resources.

Attachment:- Change Management and Change Project.rar

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