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BIT415 Graduation Project - Emirates College of Technology

Guidelines for Preparing an Undergraduate Thesis Proposal

• To Develop a Freelance Marketplace
• E-Learning Portal: allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the materials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or Faculty for a course.
• Recommender Systems: applications that learn from user profiles to provide personalized recommendations for items in a given domain such as movies, books, products, documents, stocks, twitter feeds, etc.
• Collage Summer Training System
• Any social media related project.

Your report should be written according to the following structure:
» Acknowledgements

» Table of Contents

» Table of Figures

» List of Tables

» General introduction

» Chapter one: Project context

» Chapter two: Project initiation

» Chapter three: System Analysis and Design

» Chapter four: Implementation and testing

» Conclusions and Future improvements

» Bibliography

1 Acknowledgements

The Acknowledgement lists the names of anyone who may have given you valuable assistance in your project.

2 Table of Contents

The Table of Contents outlines the different sections of the report, and shows the reader where to find them. It contains a list of all the chapters, sections and sub-sections and their corresponding page numbers.

3 Table of Figures
In this section, all figures (including photographs, drawings and graphs) in the report are to be listed together with respective page numbers. The numerals and title (legend) for a figure are placed below it and start at the left margin at the bottom of the page.

4 List of Tables

In this section, all tables in the report are to be listed together with respective page numbers. Tables and figures should be placed as close as possible to the text where they are first cited. Tables and figures in the appendices should be numbered consecutively following those in the text.

5 General introduction
This gives the reader a general overview of the whole report without having to read the entire document. It states the project in its context, gives an idea about the problematic and the objectives of the project then it details the plan of the report as well as the objective of each chapter.

6 Chapter one: Project context
It describes the organization for which you realize the project. It gives an overall view of it, its history and its goals.

7 Chapter two: Project Initiation

It defines the project objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced. In this phase you should include the following sections:

a. Problem Overview (Problem Definition)

b. Current / Existing systems

c. Critique of the Current / Existing systems

d. Purposes/Goals of the project

Problem Overview

Before a project can begin, there has to be a reason why it should take place. In this phase the problem that the system is meant to be overcome should be defined.

Description of Current / existing systems

In this section a description of the existing systems which are related to the project's problem should be produced.

Critique of Current / existing systems

It consists of an evaluation that discusses and emphasis weaknesses of current existing systems.

Purposes/Goals of the project

This is a short, measurable statement of what the product is intended to do in order to overcome the problems determined in the previous section

8 Chapter three: System Analysis and Design

This chapter should include the analysis and design of your system. Sections of this chapter should include

a. At least two of the fact finding techniques to collect facts about the organization, including background reading if possible. The student has to provide the resources used and provide a summary of his/her analysis. This should include identifying at least two processes in the organization.
b. Project's main features along with their corresponding requirements (functional and non-functional).

c. According to the identified process, create the following UML diagrams:

o Use Case Diagram along with the main Use Case Scenarios.
o Activity Diagram for each identified process.
o Sequence Diagram for each identified process.
o Class Diagram for the whole system.
o Database Design (ERD).

9 Chapter four: Implementation and testing
At the bigining of this chapter you should describe the tools and techniques that are used for the development and implementation of the proposed system. Then, based on the findings from the requirements and design phases, a detailed description of the development of the project's features should be produced. The testing activity must demonstrate what the product is supposed to do, and whether it performs that function and possess the desired property.

10 Conclusion and Future Improvements
The purpose of the conclusion is to restate in a shortened form the most important points of your project. These must be clear and positive. Another section in this chapter is the future improvement section, which should provide suggestions about the action(s) or future direction(s) that should be taken as a result of your project. You should mention possible enhancements or extensions to your project.

11 Bibliography
This contains a list of all the sources you have either used or referred to in your document.

12 Appendices
The Appendices contain any supplementary materials you have used in your project or that you would like to include to complete the reader's understanding of your project. Each Appendix needs to be labeled and numbered and listed in the Table of Contents.

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