Design Impact Statement (spring term), so this assignment

Design Impact Assessment

An important aspect of your work as an engineer will be to consider the impact of your projects. As the designer, you have a unique insight into the impacts that can result from your project in areas such as safety, economics, the environment, and society.

The primary purpose of this assessment is for you to conduct and report research that addresses potential impacts of your design from a broad systems perspective, focusing mainly on consideration of social justice, safety, economic, and environmental concerns that could be connected with your project in the short or long term. Note that this assessment is not a justification for your project or methods. Rather, it is an objective look at potential effects so that the team, project partner, and any other stakeholders (including the community at-large) can be aware of them and can understand that due diligence has been done. This will identify potential negative impacts, explain what if any steps your team has taken to mitigate these impacts, and suggest where more consideration or action may be needed in the future.

Document will also eventually require a Design Impact Statement (spring term), so this assignment is intended to prepare you for composing that combined section as a team.


1. Create an outline that matches the general outline below, including all impact areas. For your specific project, identify specific impact topics that you think may be relevant. Note that this stage will likely require some initiaflfrtesearch on your project as a whole. You may want to discuss with the project partner, teammates, instructors, or all of these in addition to reading internet articles. Follow any leads that seem most relevant to you, as there is no one "right answer" in this critical analysis-centered task. Be sure that what you the draft submission page in Canvas to review any annotations, margin comments, comments left in the rubric, and attachments left by peer reviewers.

Keep dopcuipmeent notes and versions on file for use when you collaborate with your teammates to combine most important research, concerns and recommendations into the Design Impact Statement for your final project documentation materials.

Detailed Content Description

Your assessment must consider the potential impacts of your personal design (based on the expert areas you researched) and the project as a whole in the following areas:

- Public Health, Safety, and Welfare Impacts
- Cultural and Social Impacts
- Environmental Impacts
- Economic Factors

This task engages with inclusive design principles and ethical design techniques. You should focus on consideration of potential negative impactsl risk factors for this task, in addition to mentioning positive impacts of the project or project choices that may also be relevant for stakeholders to consider. It's important that positive impacts are considered as well, but these are likely much more obvious than the negatives. So that is why consideration of broader potential negative impacts is so important here in order to create a well-developed and insightful assessment and You will need to demonstrate that you have done some careful research to consider each impact area you address. That means consulting (and citing in-text and using a reference list) at least 8 relevant external sources total (two per impact area) minimum. Some examples of sources would be environmental impact statements, scholarly articles in social science or environmental journals, national or global sIttiastistics or records, design project documents from similar projects, or design projects in the past, and/or an interview(s) with an expert or affected community member. If you include figures or graphs from an external source, be sure to cite it as well.

Attachment:- Design description.rar

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