Design a Relational Database using Entity-Relationship

BIT305 Database Management Systems - Emirates College of Technology

Topic - Hospital Management system (Sheikh Khalifa Medical City)

CLO 1: Explain the Basic Database Concepts

CLO 2: Design a Relational Database using Entity-Relationship Diagram (ER-D)

CLO 3: Design a Relational Database by Mapping Entity-Relationship Diagram (ER-D) into Relational Models

Project topic:
Supermarket Management System

Project Task
The project for this module consists of 3phases;the work of each phase should be documented and submitted to the instructor according to the due date. The tasks for each phase are described below.

Phase 1: Scenario
Write a scenario summarizing the business rules for the business that you are designing database for.

Phase 2: Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Draw an ERD reflecting the elements (entities and attributes) that are described in the scenario. A minimum of 10entities is required.

Phase 3: Mapping
Apply mapping to convert the ERD to a relational Schema.

Project structures:
• Title Page
• Table of Contents (as attached style)
• Introduction
• Database Design for all the phases
• References

Attachment:- Project.rar

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