Describe the invention in detail with reference to

Instruction: Invention

Innovation idea to be submitted as patent

Fill the required form that require more information that need research and need more knowledge.

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1. Brief Summary OfThe Invention

2. Technology Division / Focus Area

3. Invention Details

Technology Type:

• Method or process
• Apparatus or device
• Chemical compound or formulation
• Software or algorithm
• Other:

A. Describe the invention in detail with reference to drawings/ diagrams/ formulas.(Provide in plain language a numbered list of attributes you, the inventor, believe is/are useful about the invention. Provide a complete, enabling description of the invention. Include all descriptions, steps, processes, and other data and information necessary so that someone like you could reproduce and practice this invention. If the invention is a composition of matter, provide a complete formulary and any other information necessary to completely and accurately describe the composition. If the invention requires software that has been developed as part of the invention, provide a detailed program flow chart of the software. Provide detailed drawings and a description for any apparatus involved.)

B. Describe any unexpected results of your invention.

C. Technical problem(s) solved:

a) Is this related to any current Aramco research or operations?

b) If so, what technical problem(s) does this invention solve?

c) What is your proposed technical solution to the technical problem stated above?

d) Did you conduct any lab or pilot plant experiments to verify your invention? If so, explain.

e) Identify and provide any data, diagrams, tables, pictures, etc. from your experiments that would help explain your invention.

f) Attach copies of key lab notebook records and test data.(These essential records define the priority date and verify the invention.)

1. Invention History
Provide your best estimate of the date when the following occurred or will occur:

A. Conception of invention

B. First written description (attach a copy, if available)

C. First public disclosure (external to Aramco) giving an enabling description of your invention, for example, a disclosure made in an abstract, proposal, paper submission, talk, or meeting with industry. Please attach a copy of the disclosure, if available, stating to whom and where the disclosure was made. If the only public disclosure was made orally, then provide a description of the disclosure and state to whom the disclosure was made.

D. Completion of model or prototype

E. First operational test

6. Background Research And Prior Art

A. Conduct a literature and patent search and attach a list of all relevant patents and publications that result.

a) List key words used in search (attach search parameters).

b) List databases used in search.

B. I have attached the publications and references that I believe to be relevant prior art.

C. From the research/ prior art found, please identify the most relevant reference(s) that cover the invention.

D. Please explain technical differences or advantages of the invention over prior art:

a) What are the deficiencies of the prior art methods or approach(s) for solving the technical problem? What are the technical improvements and technical advantages provided by this invention?

b) Distinguish why this invention is better and different over combinations of methods cited in the prior art.

7. Commercialization Potential

A. What are the limitations that must be overcome prior to practical application?

B. What are the advantages of the invention versus commercially available alternatives?
C. Do you anticipate further development of the invention, e.g., the addition of additional features or improvements, over the next 12 months?

D. Do you know of any industrial organizations that may be interested in licensing this technology? If so, include company name, contact person and contact information.

Attachment:- Invention Form.rar

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