Describe the causality of the problem and how the problem

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a foundation for the Final Thesis/Research/Projects.

Individual students need to identify a clear research problem/performance gap with evidence, related to the organization that they are working for / a management problem persistent in general / a gap in the market (depends on the project type) and provide a discussion to justify the significance of the problem in the given context.

Then, a critical review of literature should be carried out with minimum 5 journal articles (from A*/A), directly related to the area/concepts of the problem.

With the base of literature searched to the problem identified, students should develop a ‘study framework'. The write-up should consist with maximum 3,500 words (about 10 pages) that summarizes into following topics.

Project: (topic to discuss) Employee Retention. Company - Airport ground handling Company.

1. Problem: (Problem condense into 1 page and then at the end, narrow-down the problem into one specific statement).

2. Summary of literature review: (Review of 5 articles to understand the warranted knowledge in the area and then summarize the content that describe the causality of the problem and how the problem can be solved. 5-6 pages / between year 2014-2020).

3. Study framework: (Demonstrate the graphical illustration of causality of the problem that drawn from literature review).

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