Describe and compare both countries with respect to the

MAC 202 Macroeconomics - Khawarizmi International College

Learning Outcome 1: Identify the meaning and measurement of the balance of payments and different types of exchange rate regime.

Learning Outcome 2: Comprehend the causes of, and policy response to, business cycles, and understand the nature and causes of economic growth.

Learning Outcome 3: Articulate fiscal policy and monetary policy impacts on the UAE economy and be capable of interpreting and evaluating media reports on the macro economy.


(Word count is 750-800: You are required to create a summary in your words. Reading e book and other web resources is mandatory in order to accomplish this work. Concepts should be well explained and justifiable)

Choose two different countries, one Arab and one non Arab, and study the below mentioned questions.

Question 1: Describe and compare both countries with respect to the impact of the US- China Trade war on their domestic economies.

Question 2: Study the responses of the governments of the respective countries towards capitalizing from trade war and mitigation of risks.

Question 3: Put your recommendations in order to improve the economies of both countries.

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