Describe and analyze contemporary topics in operations

Operations Management

The purpose of this project is to describe and analyze contemporary topics in operations management. The project provides the students with an opportunity to link theoretical aspects of the course with real-world situations and to learn the challenges faced by companies in the application of modern techniques of operations management.

It's a group-based project composed of a written report that carries 10 marks and a presentation that carries 5 marks. The number of students in each group should be between 5-6 students. All group members are required to participate equally. Use books, electronic databases, company websites, social media, search engines, interviews, and any other suitable sources to collect your data. The word limit of the project report is between 2500-4000 words (including the title page, table of content, and reference list).
Choose any ONE of the following topics. Make sure your topic is not similar to other groups in the same class:

  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Green operations
  • Humanitarian operations Management
  • E-Logistics Strategies
  • Global Operations Management
  • Use of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) in Operations Management
  • Ethical Operations
  • JIT Operations
  • Lean Operations
  • Master Production Scheduling Techniques
  • Operational Performance Measurements
  • Customer Relationship Management Techniques
  • Supplier Relationship Management Techniques

Your project should include a proper theoretical description of your selected topic, as well as an analysis of cases of companies that practically applied the topic.

The Harvard Referencing style

Project Structure
The project may follow the structure given below.

Title page with an appropriate project topic, students' names, and their IDs.
Table of contents

// Background about the topic, objectives of the project, sources of information, method of collecting and analyzing data, organization of project report.

Theoretical Part
// Give a comprehensive review of the concept, importance, techniques, factors, and measurements related to your selected topic as described in the literature (books, journals, Internet sites, etc.).

// Use charts, diagrams, and pictures for illustration of this part...

Analytical Part
//Provide cases/examples from real-world companies (at least three cases) that applied used the practice of your selected topic.
//The analysis should include evaluation of both positive points and negative points of the topic as practiced in the company.

Conclusion &Recommendation
//Brief summary of the report and your recommendations for improvement in the application of the topic especially in the Saudi context.

List of References

Individual Contribution Report (Contribution of each member in the group in the activities of the project (use the form on page 6).

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