Define and explain the meaning of the term law in its

Case to Analyse

Ahmed is 17 years old. He is good in browsing the World Wide Web to find good prices offered by companies who are selling some gadgets or devices online. One day, he found an offer for the sale of Macbook Pro laptops at a very low price of OMR 67 each. VVholly, he knew that the current retail price was about OMR 670 and he recognises that the low price must have been erroneous. Since he was thinking that he can sell these Macbook Pro laptops at good price with profit, he decides to purchase 10 of them since it was offered at such an incredible low price. He enters the credit card number of the supplementary card given to him by his mother. The buying goes through and the system responds with an approval of a sale of 10 laptops at the total price of OMR 670.

The delivery date comes and Ahmed was waiting for the laptops to be delivered by the shop to his location.

Task to do:

Introduction. In this part of your coursework, define and explain the meaning of the term "law" in its general application; furthermore, specifically discuss the laws about the formation of a contract. The discussion must be supported with a minimum of three reliable sources.

Discussion. Analyse the above given case. Extract and/or offer two legal issues which are feasible to be raised in the court of law in consonance with the Laws on Contract. Backed up your analysis with related laws in the Sultanate of Oman that are applicable in the given scenario.

Support your discussion with various reliable literature (example: decided cases from different countries in the world) that shows similar situation. Discuss individually the literature you gathered in relation with the two legal issues that you have raised.

Conclusion. Sort out the key issues and offer your valuable insights without repetition of the words used in the text of your introduction and discussion section. A mere summary must be avoided.

References. Apply correctly the Harvard referencing format in reflecting your in-text citation in the full text of the paper and in the reference list section. The minimum number of reliable sources on the gathered facts written in its correct format must be 5.

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