Defend arguments using effective teamwork; value diverse

OPS 6310 Operations Management - Abu Dhabi School of Management

Learning Outcome 1: Critically appraise on a detailed body of knowledge of recent development in relation to operations management.

Learning Outcome 2: Critically apply advanced skills required in research, analysis, evaluation of complex ideas, information, concepts and/or activities related to operations management

Learning Outcome 4: Synthesize advanced problem-solving skills to analyse highly complex issues of organizational performance with incomplete data.

Learning Outcome 5: Select appropriate research instruments to address domestic factors and drivers in the global context

Learning Outcome 6: Combine relevant theoretical advances with functional business skills to construct timely and informed decisions

Learning Outcome 7: Defend arguments using effective teamwork; value diverse perspectives and skills; and deploy a variety of roles to accomplish team goals

Requirements: (Critically Synthesize Learned Concepts)

Digital Transformation of Operations Management

In the Digital Transformation era, Operations Management, being the engine of most businesses, is also expected to transform digitally in all of its facets. Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment new ways of doing things and smarten the decision-making process. Some call it "a survival issue". The organization's ability to adapt quickly to supply chain disruptions, time to market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations has become critical and will require a smooth transition to Digital Transformation.

In Operations Management, there are many aspects covered in class that can be the subject of an efficient transformation: manufacturing / processes (automation, robotics, remote censing, etc,), Layout Management, Location Selection, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Design of goods and services, Quality Assurance & Quality Controls, Capacity Management and others. It is all about getting insights from the collected data and statistics and improve and smarten the decision-making.

Digital Transformation consists of applying the technological advancements in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (Al), Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, etc. Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba, and other similar companies have applied these technologies in their daily operations and their decision-making to a great extent. Some other companies are still in the digitization phase which consists of automating their business process in view of smartening their operations in a subsequent phase called Digitilization.

As discussed in class, supporting the wealth of experience of existing managers by data analytics (trends, patterns, hidden insights and facts) will make the operational decisions more accurate, timely and effective.

You are required to conduct a research study on the impact of digital transformation in the area of Operations Management in general and select one of the Sub-disciplines to go more in depth:

Assessment Questions.

1. Conduct a literature review on Digital Transformation in the Operations Management
2. Critically analyse the change in the decision-making process resulting from the Digital Transformation.
3. Lay down the operational improvements expected from the Digital Transformation
4. Select any UAE company and extrapolate the impact of Digital Transformation on its operational activities.
6.3 Terms of Reference

Report Contents: Not limited to the following Introduction:
Introduce the subject of Digital Transformation in general and the current hype. Literature Review:
- appraise the current literature about Digital transformation of Operations in different sectors. Analyse the finding:
critically evaluate the impact of Digital Transformation based on the Literature
Draw your conclusions about the future of Operations Management in the Digital Transformation era. Company Selection:
- Select a local company and apply the concept of Digital Transformation as reviewed in the literature.
Critically evaluate the impact of Digital Transformation on this company
- Synthetize your recommendations based on the extrapolated benefits. Conclusion

Attachment:- Operations Management.rar

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