Critically review the application of marketing in diverse

Principles of Marketing Management

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Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledge and Understanding: Critically evaluate the philosophical foundations and historical development of marketing
2. Knowledge and Understanding: Critically evaluate the sectorial variations of marketing
3. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Critically review the application of marketing in diverse sectors
4. Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Evaluate the role of marketing in society today

Overview of the Topics - Workshop 1
• Topic 1 - Introduction to Marketing
• Topic 2 - The Marketing Environment
• Topic 3 - Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
• Topic 4 - Value Proposition and Brand Portfolios
• Topic 5 - Introduction to Marketing Mix - Products
• Topic 6 - Services Marketing
• Topic 7 - Business to Business Marketing
• Topic 8 - Competitive Advantage
• Topic 9 - New Product Development
• Topic 10 - Marketing Communications
• Topic 11 - Social Media Marketing Strategies

Presentation Task
• Your task is to prepare a 15 minute company and market situation analysis group presentation for a company of your choice operating in the Chocolate (confectionery) industry, addressing the brief outlined and to be submitted in week 9 on 14th July no later than 13:59 pm.
• Please note that due to the covid 19 situation, you are expected to submit individual student-group presentations only (i.e., each student prepares/ submits their own presentation).
• You will be required to upload an individual audio or video recording and any supporting materials (e.g. presentation slides) for the oral presentation you are due to give. You may work remotely together but must record and submit individually.

Presentation Brief
• 94% of adults in the UK eat chocolate, with 3 in 5 (61%) eating chocolate more than once a week. The emotional links of chocolate play a key role, with craving being a main reason for eating chocolate throughout the day and relaxing/de- stressing being a main reason for eating chocolate in the evening (Winthur, 2018).
• Premiumisation remains to be a key market trend in the chocolate confectionary industry (ibid). The incorporation of additional flavourings, use of natural sweeteners or focus on cocoa content and origin can help achieve the premium perception (Hopping, 2018; Winthur, 2018). These trends are also useful tools for working towards the PHE's 20% sugar reduction target to be reached by 2020, in order to avoid measures such as promotion bans or an extension of the sugar tax currently restricted to carbonated drinks (Winthur, 2018).
• Some of the sub-markets in the chocolate industry are as follows:
• Chocolate confectionary
• Chocolate assortments
• Seasonal chocolate
• Chocolate biscuits
• (Store cupboard) Chocolate cakes and cake bars
• Cocoa powder
• Chocolate drinks
• Chocolate chilled desserts
• Chocolate ice-cream
• Chocolate spread
• Cereal bars
• Some chocolate manufacturers also provide services in the form of factory tours / attractions, or have their stores / e-commerce sites.

• Which chocolate company have you chosen and why?
• What sub-sector have you chosen and why?

• Task: Focusing on the same chocolate confectionery brand of your choice, your task is prepare a 3,000 word report to analyse the external environment of the company, identifying opportunities in the UK market that they can act upon - as well as the threats that they need to avoid - finally proposing a new (or modified or extended) product or service for the brands portfolio.

Attachment:- Marketing Workshop.rar

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