Critically outlines how the history and practices of Islam

Learning Outcomes being assessed:

Demonstrate and explain the history, culture and practices in Islam.

Critically outlines how the history and practices of Islam shape the lives of Muslims today in a short paragraph.

Compare Islamic culture with other cultures

Dispel prejudices about Muslims, especially about all Muslims being fundamentalist terrorists.

Task 1

Choose any two scientists from different fields given below and write about their contributions to Islam, each in 200 words.

1- Mathematics
2- Medicine
3- Geography
4- Astronomy or any other field Task 2
Bring out the similarities and differences of festivals in your culture with that of another culture in 300 words. (Choose any two or three depending on the word limit)

Task 3

How can one control the problem of Extremism in Muslim society? Explain your answer with four different ideas. Your complete answer should cover 400 words.

Note-APA style of referencing is required. Any Material copy paste from internet will be given "zero". Submit your work through Moodle only. Emails are not accepted.

Report Requirements: Font: Time New Romanul Spacing: 1.5

Title and sub-titles must be written in BOLD Provide a soft and hard copy of your work Font size 12

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