Critically evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities and

Learning Outcome 1. Critically evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities and practices from the perspective of different communities of practice in order to develop a case study for why an issue is worthy of investigation.

Learning Outcome 2. Identify, select and justify the appropriate research
techniques, methods and development strategies.

Learning Outcome 3. Critically justify and rigorously apply appropriate methodologies, techniques and practical strategies, being sensitive to the context.

Learning Outcome 4. Critically reflect upon their own experiences of undertaking a major project and how this compares to theories and concepts in the academic and grey literature.

Learning Outcome 5. Present arguments or conclusions clearly in an appropriate form to the intended audience.


10,000 word action research project report

Extracts from previously submitted reports will be used to provide guidance which will be placed as announcements on Canvas.

 Organisation of your choice, ideally where you work
(Supervisor to approve).

Secondary research undertaken (no primary research).

Project Proposal and Plan - submitted for formative feedback to Supervisor via email.


Source their own idea, opportunity or issue worthy of investigation;

Demonstrate the project's anticipated value to the appropriate community of practice;

Develop a project plan to ensure timely completion;

Reflection on the outcomes against key themes in academic and grey literature with regard to entrepreneurship;

Share the project's next steps in respect of any further research that might be required prior to implementation.

Attachment:- Entrepreneurial Action.rar

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