Critically evaluate a risk assessment - Perform the optimum

FV 3103 Hazard & Risk Management - International College of Engineering and Management

Learning outcome 1: Employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methods for application to risk assessment
Learning outcome 2: Critically evaluate a risk assessment
Learning outcome 3: Perform the optimum allocation of resources in a risk management plan informed by risk assessment
Learning outcome 4: Assess relevant documents and communicate the essential and vital points

Part A - Literature Review

In this task, the student should show an understanding of some of the core literature and content for the following: "The way of treating Uncertainty in Risk Assessment."

Part B - Scenario-based Preliminary Risk Assessment.


You are required to conduct a Preliminary Risk Assessment for a proposed Gasoline storage facility in case of a potential spillage. As illustrated in figure 1, a Gasoline storage facility is proposed. Each tank would contain 5000 US gallons of Gasoline.


Figure 1: Facility of Gasoline Tanks

Guidelines for Part B:

» Identification and description of the risk scenario using the Preliminary Risk Assessment Method.
» You can make reasonable assumptions for the report's preparation; however, all of your assumptions must be justified in the submission report.
» Discuss the considerable Fire Prevention and Protection Measures to be provided in Gasoline Storage Facility. (Refer NFPA/API/BS/OSHA).
» You are required to provide significant suggestions based on the obtained results to prevent such disasters event.
» Conclusion.
» References.
The word limit is 2500 to 3000 words (+/-10%) for the assignment excludes references and footnotes but includes quotations. The word count must be printed on the top right- hand corner of your work.


• You must answer the question set
• You must keep to the word limit
• You must demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes
• As you construct and present your work, consider the assessment criteria

Attachment:- Fire Safety Engineering.rar

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