Critical evaluation of the measures in the strategic plan

Energy Economics & Policy

Task: To produce a Report on one of the following countries and their national Energy Strategy from today (2022) until 2030 addressing climate change issues to meet the needs of the COP26 agreement and secure global net zero.

Choose one country from: UK, India

Your Report should resemble a professional document with the following guidance:

- There should be a simple title page showing Module Code, your name, ID number and date.
- Inclusion of an Executive Summary, and a Table of Contents,neither of which are required, will result in a mark penalty.
- The start point for your Briefing Paper should be the current year (2022), and the future timeline should not go beyond 2030.
- This assignment does not require you to discuss the overall goals of COP26 on a global basis your Report must be limited to one country.
- You should be highlighting your chosen country's strategy for renewable energy, specific targets to reduce use of fossil fuels, investment incentives in solar, wind, marine, bioenergy, geothermal, etc., whether there are plans to encourage Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), and greater use of hydrogen as a fuel.

- Your report should include a critical evaluation of the measures in the strategic plan as to whether these are achievable and affordable. Do the measures in your chosen country's strategy enhance the security of energy supply?

Attachment:- Energy Economics.rar

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