Create your own exponential growth and decay word problem -


Task #1
Look up examples of exponential growth and decay word problems from your notes.

Create your own exponential growth and decay word problem

Relate the word problem to things that happen in your own life or your families life, such as buying a car, a house, or the speed at which someone drives.

Task #2
Solve the word problem

Make sure to identify all variables in the equation

Make a table of values, identifying your independent and dependent variables
Graph using the table of values

Task #3

Using your math vocabulary, write a script that you will use to narrate your video.

Some vocabulary words you should be using are exponents, base, to the power of, growth decay

How did you know it was exponential growth or decay?

Task #4 & 5
Make your video and upload to Managebac! Remember, it's a YouTube video. It should be creative!

- Sometimes use appropriate mathematical language
-use different forms of mathematical representation to consistently present information correctly
-move effectively between different forms of mathematical representation
-communicate through lines of reasoning that are not coherent and sometimes hard to understand, did not explain the different parts of the formula and what they meant
-present work that is consistently organized using a logical structure
- Submit a problem for exponential decay
- Substitute the correct value for t, because in a year there 12 months, not 9
- Next time, try to use your own voice over and go more slowly through the problems.

Attachment:- GRASP Presentation.rar

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