Create a project plan for the engineering maintenance

Unit 4 Managing a Professional Engineering Project - Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering / Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Assignment 1 : Planning and execution of Maintenance of a Reliable Hybrid (Solar and Wind ) Power System.

Learning Outcome 1: Formulate and plan a project that will provide a solution to an identified engineering problem.

Learning Outcome 2: Conduct planned project activities to generate outcomes which provide a solution to the identified engineering problem.

Assignment Brief

You are an Engineer Trainee of ABC Maintenance Engineering Project consultant Company.

A client who promoted residential villas and apartments has developed 1000 residential villas in a remote and isolated location in the UAE. The client was concerned about the operation and maintenance of electric generation where he has the difficulty of using the electricity from the Federal Electricity and Water Agency environmental effects, health, safety and economy. Hence, he provides electricity for the residents from hybrid (solar and wind) power installations in the site. The residents are experiencing interrupted power, and frequent low power supply, and maintenance issues. He has approached your company to provide maintenance solution to the Reliable Hybrid (Solar and Wind) Power for typical Residential / office buildings and use of latest technology on automation in lighting, heating/cooling and ventilation in his site.

You are a member of a team working on Maintainability engineering to produce reliable hybrid Power. Your manager has assigned you the job of carrying out a research individually on the proposal and present a case study of a Professional engineering research report on feasibility of the maintenance proposal and to complete the following tasks:

Task 1
Giving reasons for selecting maintainability of Hybrid (solar and wind) power project P1, provide a solution to identified engineering problems in maintenance. Undertake a feasibility study and justify your maintenance project selection.M1 Create a project plan for the engineering maintenance project P2, illustrating the effects of legislation and ethics in developing the plan.

Task 2
Having developed the project plan, you should conduct maintenance project activities, and record progress against original project plan.P3Explore alternative methods to monitor and meet the maintenance project milestones, and justify selection of chosen method(s)M2 for maintenance of each equipment in hybrid power supply. Finally, critically evaluate the success of your hybrid power maintenance project plan making recommendations for improvements in future projects.

Attachment:- Assessment Brief.rar

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