Assessment of Bankruptcy Models For UK-Listed Firms

Introduction: What are you doing, why is it important, what is the contribution, brief context of the literature, what did you find and roadmap for rest of the document (1000-1500 words)

Literature review: What has been done in this area, what is the gap you are filling, research questions (3000-4000 words)

Result: Don't forget to explain what is in the tables, link your results to the hypotheses being tested, do you reject or fail to reject the hypotheses (please do not ‘accept' null), and how your results compare with those in the existing literature. Tables should be properly formatted (no STATA or SPSS tables please, there is no need to present t-stats to 6dp etc.), self-standing and carefully laid out to present relevant information but try not to make them cluttered (2500-3500 words)

Conclusion: Summary of the research context, what do you find, how it compares to findings in the existing literature, implications for theory and practice, limitations (1000-2000 words)

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