Construct a conceptual model to investigate the managerial

Question 1:  Write a brief (about 500 - 600 words) Literature Review to elaborate the cause(s) of the problem. Add reference list at the end of the question No 03. Question 04 Outline an appropriate research design to observe ‘how Covid 19 influenced on socio-economic environment in Oman?'.

Question 2: Read the following research problem, identify concepts/variables and construct a conceptual model to investigate the managerial puzzle. Environmental performance has become one of the major focuses of the modern business organizations, since production of goods and services is regarded as a part of environmental threating issues (Abdul-Rashid, Sakundarini, Ghazilla, & Thurasamy, 2017; Dickel, 2017; Pislaru, Herghiligiu, & Robu, 2019). In order to achieve environmental performance organizations are getting into sustainable supply chain collaborations (Pakdeechoho & Sukhotu, 2018). Having understand that, a supply chain manager of a large conglomerate wants to study the role of supply chain transparency resulted from sustainable supply chain collaborations towards environmental performance. However, the level of environmental performance receive from supply chain transparency is relies on information processing capability of the focal firm.

Article 1- How to Measure Management Training and Development Effectiveness", Journalof European Industrial Training

Article 2 - "Training technology in the hospitality industry", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

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