Conduct a Marketing Analysis for an organisation of your

Brief: Marketing Analysis for an organisation of your choice.

As the final assignment for this module, you are required to conduct a Marketing Analysis for an organisation of your choice currently operating either in the Middle East or in Europe.

You can pick from: Apple, BMW, Huawei, Samsung Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Toyota, Zara or any other company of your choice to construct your Marketing Analysis.

o For example, if you choose the retail sector, you can choose to conduct your Marketing analysis on Apple Store in Dubai mall, UAE
o For example, within the hospitality sector: You can select an existing destination of an airline to construct your Marketing analysis. Here, you can pick the recently launched destination of Turkish Airlines to Rovaniemi in Finland.

In order to present a well-constructed report you must carry out a thorough evaluation of your chosen organisation's marketing activities and that of its key competitors, as well as investigating the latest trends and developments within its particular sector.

The report will consist of 1500 words

The report must include:
A. Title Page
B. Introduction: A brief synopsis of the report, usually one or two paragraphs in length.
C. Table of Contents: A listing of the major parts of your report and the appropriate page numbers.
D. Body of Report: A description of the work assignment: Illustrations, graphs, charts and sketches are properly part of the report and may be placed throughout the text or included in an appendix and referenced (maximum of 5 tables allowed within the report).

Body of report: Key Criteria (to be covered within the Marketing analysis)

Situation Analysis
Conducting an in-depth analysis of internal and external factors (understanding of macro-,micro- and internal environments)
Marketing Objectives and Marketing Strategies
Current Marketing objectives
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Marketing Programmes
Providing an in-depth analysis of specific marketing activities in relation to the full marketing strategies and tactical elements (7 Ps for example looking at how the product is being adapted to the local market, what pricing strategy, marketing communication strategy, distribution strategy etc are being currently used)
E. Recommendations
F: Conclusion
G. References: Please ensure that you make use of relevant marketing textbooks, up to date journal articles/sources which are referenced as per EAU's referencing guideline. All sources of information to support your report must be cited within the main body of text. (The reference list is not included in the word count). It is expected that you will conduct extensive secondary research to develop your report.

H. Appendices: If you use appendices restrict them to four pages maximum. (Appendices are not included in the word count).

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