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COMP 1011 Database Systems Administration - Middle East College

Learning Outcome 1: Manage database instances and database storage
Learning Outcome 2: Devise and implement database security policies

Assignment Objective

As a Database Administrator, to configure the database server, choose and apply skills relevant client/server environment and manage the data in an organization's business processes.

Assignment Tasks
1. Submit a work proposal for this assignment on or before 02/09/2020, 23:59 Hrs. which must include:
• Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables.
• General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution to task2 to task-4.
• Timeline for completion of the given tasks.

Task 2:

a. Discuss about the transaction processing in Distributed Database Architecture and identify the roles of various processes associated with a remote transaction.

b. Discuss briefly, the series of transaction happen during a typical Online Food Ordering System. The solution must discusses the various process that are with the user and systems and also various levels of update process.

Task 3:

a. "The Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool is a stand-alone command line tool that accelerates the assessment and regulatory compliance process by collecting relevant types of configuration information from the database and evaluating the current security state to provide recommendations on how to mitigate the identified risks."

In view of the above statement, critically discuss and identify the various security assessment tools and their features that are supported by Oracle. The critical discussion must cover security configuration issues and their solutions, location, type, quantity of data, user privileges and so on.

b. "Dynamic CMS sites are often powered by a database, which is a critical component to secure. This is where your customers' information is stored. Any time a site visitor clicks an image, fills out a contact form, or makes a purchase on your website, that information is stored in the database. As a digital storage room full of important customer information, a database is invaluable to your online business."

With reference to the context cited above, write a reflective report/summary containing a critical discussion on the database security assessment checklist to ensure/guarantee the protection of data.

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