COMP 1006 - Information System Management - Describe

Learning Outcomes:

1. Formulate the business rationale for an information system.
2. Explain how organizations' can be managed better by intelligent use of information systems.
3. Understanding information system security and reliability of the organization.

You are given 5 case studies. You are required to work on the case study as a team of three members and work by dividing the tasks. Each case study has 5 questions, each one carries 15 marks. For more information about marks, please refer to the marking grid at the end.

1. DLA Piper, MetLife, PepsiCo, and Others: Telepresence Is Finally Coming of Age


1. The telepresence has many advantages and disadvantages in addition to high installation price. Identify the possible benefits telepresence can bring for large scale organizations. Discuss your answer in terms of performance and productivity. Support your answer with valid points.

2. Despite having great features, the utilization of telepresence is quite slow in large scale organizations. As an information system student, identify and describe the possible reasons which are causing slow telepresence utilization in multinational companies. Explain your answer with reasonable points.

3. "The telepresence systems can be deployed to create a virtual environment where researchers around the world can share knowledge with each other about various research projects to promote research culture". As an information system student, identify the possible benefits which can be achieved by deploying telepresence in health sector. Explain your answer with examples.

4. Find out the top 5 most popular telepresence systems. Provide details of each system with appropriate points. Discuss your answer in terms of price, features, advantages and disadvantages.

5. The security is one of the biggest concern in telepresence systems. Therefore, it is prime responsibility of information system managers to have appropriate measures in place in order to avoid any security issues in telepresence systems. Identify appropriate methods, measures or techniques which you consider are necessary for the security of telepresence systems. Illustrate your answer with appropriate details.



1. Current business process management methodologies rarely give importance to security issues in business process management. Due to increase in business integration and legal requirements, companies must find out the ways to make their business processes secure. Identify the guidelines which can be used to secure business processes for multinational companies.

2. The business process management not only ensures efficiency in any organization but also increase profit and growth. Identify how business process management can improve the efficiency of business organizations in terms of growth and profit.

3. Describe how information systems can be utilized to enhance the external environment in any business process to effect long-term strategic goals of business organizations.

4. New challenges arise in business organizations due to changing goals. Therefore, they have to adapt to new processes to get the competitive edge over their competitors. Describe the typical steps taken for organizations to introduce new processes. Discuss your answer with reference to AmerisourceBergen and Diebold.

5. Identify the steps required to change from one business process to another one. Discuss your answer with reference to AmerisourceBergen and Diebold. Support your answer with valid points.

3. Wyoming Medical Center, Los Angeles County, and Raymond James: End-Point Security Gets Complicated

1. Explain why the endpoint security is not so much successful in business organizations. What should be the option for companies to overcome this issue in order to save their data and information? Describe the issues and their solutions in detail with appropriate examples. Support your answer with valid points.

2. Due to vulnerable nature of end-point security, the business organizations have adopted alternative approaches to endpoint security. Identify and explain the most common approaches used by multinational companies? Support your answer with at least 3 examples.

3. The business organizations come across new challenges to implement appropriate security measures in their information systems. Identify and explain the possible security challenges and their effects which any business organization may face today. Support your answer with examples.

4. Some analysts argue that employees should be allowed to use mobile phones on organizations' network while some analysts do not favour this point of view. As a student which point of view you support, explain your answer with appropriate points.

5. Go online and find out which security technologies will be popular in 2018 for multinational companies. Explain your answer in terms of advantages, disadvantages, information system security and privacy.

4. Valero Energy, Elkay Manufacturing, J&J, and : The Move Toward Fact-Based Decision Making


1- Explain the importance of decision making in business organizations. Discuss how decision support systems can be used to achieve strategic goals for organizations. Explain your answer with examples.

2- Appropriate decision making requires exact information from all departments in multinational companies. Identify other components which must be used for successful decision making. Explain your answer using appropriate examples of society, culture, human resources and technology.

3- The multinational organizations initiate different projects to bring improvement in their decision-making and business analysis systems. Each year many organizations start various projects aimed at ensuring accuracy of information. Explain the mostly widely used tools for accurate information analysis in business enterprises. Discuss your answer with examples.

4- Decision support systems have many types which are used in the corporate world. As an information system student, identify the most commonly used decision support system for choosing different options available for a problem. Discuss your answer in terms of decision analysis, scheduling and deployment of such systems.

5- Explain the features of executive support system. Explain your answer supported by appropriate examples in terms of its components, features, advantages, disadvantages etc.

5. Cisco Systems, Black & Decker, and O'Reilly Auto Parts: Adapting Supply Chains to Tough Times


1. The supply chain management consists of all activities undertaken to finish a quality product on time to provide to the customer. Identify the guidelines which can be used by business organizations to achieve favorable levels of supply chains.

2. The multinational companies invest to achieve their strategic goals. In an era of economic downturn, do you think the business organizations should keep on investing in their IT infrastructure so that they can get optimum levels of sales, customer service etc. Support your answer with few real examples where information system might have played a pivotal role in this regard.

3. Describe different approaches for inventory management taken by business organizations these days. Your answer must cover at least two most popular approaches. Compare both of them and identify which one you will prefer and why. Support your answer with real life examples from industry.

4. The political unrest, civil war, natural disaster etc. can damage supply lines for multinational companies which will result in loss of growth, jobs, higher demand etc. Describe the guidelines which can be used by Cisco Systems, Starbucks Coffee etc. to maintain their optimum levels of supply chains.

5. Describe the role of supply chain management professionals, Explain how hey can prioritize, plan and organize their responsibilities under pressure and deal with competitive customers who demands quick and speedy solution in global business environment.

Note: Need only Question no.2 & Question no.5 from case study - 4.

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