CIT100 Introduction to Information Technology, Community

Introduction to Information Technology

Learning Outcome 1: Produce well-looking presentations to illustrate information utilizing textual, graphical, and animation effects.
Learning Outcome 2: Understand the file structures and create a database using DBMS.

Project Description

In this group project, students will work in teams to create a simple database using Microsoft Access. The students will learn and apply basic concepts of database design, data entry, querying, and form creation using Access. Additionally, each group will create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint to showcase their project.

Project Components and Grading in MS Access file:

Database Design and Setup
Define the purpose and scope of the database.
Create an appropriate table structure with relevant fields and data types.
Establish relationships between tables using primary and foreign keys.

Data Entry and Form Creation
Populate the database with sample data, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
Create forms for efficient data entry and display.
Design the form so that it is attractive to the users.

Querying and Reporting
Create at least two meaningful queries using various criteria and expressions.
Generate a report summarizing the data from the database.
Apply formatting to the report to enhance readability.

Presentation Guidelines in MS PowerPoint:

Introduce the project and its objectives.
Provide a brief overview of Microsoft Access and its importance in managing data.

Database Design and Structure
Present the designed database structure, explaining the tables, fields, and relationships.
Highlight the purpose and functionality of each table in the database.

Data Entry and Form Creation
Showcase the process of entering data into the database using forms.
Explain how forms enhance data entry efficiency and user experience.

Querying and Reporting
Demonstrate the queries created and their purposes.
Showcase the generated report and explain its relevance.

Conclusion and Q&A
Summarize the project, emphasizing the key learning outcomes.
Open the floor for questions and answers from the audience.

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