Calculate the transmission line losses and efficiency of

Unit 53 Utilization of Electrical Power - Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Engineering

Assignment - Analysis of Electrical Power systems & create balanced energy budget.

Learning Outcome 1: Examine the demands, sources and construction of electrical power generation and distribution systems.

Learning Outcome 2: Explore the interconnections of power systems and their protection to explain the critical processes and the effects of failure and the importance of electrical safety.

Assignment brief

Purpose of this assignment is to test your understanding on
• Key aspects of country's energy supply, demand and losses for creating a balanced energy budget.
• Quantifying the data and forecasting the energy trends.
• Key aspects of three phase power systems using distributed generators, loads and protection.
• Power factor correction techniques and methods used to maintain good Power quality.


Pinnacle Energy Consultants provides the best Energy solutions for residential, colleges, universities and commercial buildings by conducting systematic energy audits. Assume you are doing apprenticeship under a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) of Pinnacle Energy Consultants.

REEM does the audit of the energy generation, conversion and consumption, also ensures that the energy being used efficiently maintain high power quality. To be a young Energy auditor you are supposed to know the features of energy supply, conversion systems, losses and the demand consumption. Also in order to provide the energy solutions you should be able to apply forecasting methods to predict the future trends, able to have good understanding on power factor improvement techniques and various methods applied to maintain good power quality.

At the end of your apprenticeship period your Manager has set the below tasks to certify you as a registered Energy Auditor.

Task 1 This task provides evidence

Energy is an vital commodity for a country's development and its economic growth.
Submit a detailed report on the following tasks

1. Produce a report on quantitative analysis on the electricity production and consumption in Bahrain, by referring to the government websites given in sources of information.

2. Being done the quantitative analysis in task1.1, discuss the key aspects that you had examined to create a country's balanced energy budget. Choose a simple electric system (kettle, coffee maker, egg boiler, room heater, electric pump etc.,) as an example to produce the energy balance budget for the same. Map the energy chain system to the country level (Bahrain) by discussing the primary energy forms, conversion mechanisms, transmission, and final energy consumption considering the losses and efficiency factors at various stages.

3. Apply any of the forecasting methods to predict the future trends of the electricity load demand and supply availability for the annual data given in table.1.

4. Critically evaluate the governmental policies/actions/initiations for managing the Bahrain's energy supply demand balance with justified comments and recommendations.


Average Peak Load Demand (MW)

Average System Generation Availability (MW)





































Table 1

Task 2 This task provides evidence


Figure 1

Figure.1 represents the single line diagram of three phase power system interconnecting two areas. The following assumptions are applied for the power system in figure.1 the Area-2 cumulative loads are represented in approximate proportionates, the transformer connections at bus links is not shown and assumed their reactance and losses to be negligibly small.

The Area-2 load is supplied from 11kV, 50Hz bus by L km long three phase transmission line having resistance of 0.12Ω/phase/km and reactance of 0.36Ω/phase/km respectively from power generating station bus (area-1). The sector wise power demand at 11kV bus of area-2 is given in table.2 as separate data set against each trainee's Identity number.

Trainee Id.No

Length     of tr. Line.

( L kM)

Industry Load (KW)

Club house (KW)

Residential complex (KW)



10000, 0.8 P.F

460, 0.88 P.F

2800, 0.8 P.F


1. Calculate the transmission line losses and efficiency of the two bus three phase power system.

2. Determine the capacitor rating and value to improve the power factor at 11kV bus to Unity power factor.

3. Calculate the transmission line losses and efficiency for the modified three phase power system placing the designed capacitor to improve power factor and compare the results with task2.1. There by list the advantages of power factor improvement.

4. Simulate the two three phase power systems of task2.1 and task2.3 and analyse and interpret your calculation results to simulation results.

5. If the club house at area-2 is required to be powered from a distribution generation station, explore the key aspects of the three phase system shown in figure.1 using distributed energy generation, nature of loads and the different protection schemes adopted.

6. List the possible power quality issues that could be encountered in the power system shown in figure.1. Critically evaluate at least two technologies used to improve power quality and illustrate the advantages of application of such methods through Matlab simulations or otherwise (high technical English language).

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