Calculate mean,median,mode,variance and standard deviation


Your Project phase III includes the following

1.a) Add a new excel sheet to the previous Phase II file and calculate mean,median,mode,variance and standard deviation for any one continuous variable.

b) Check for outliers in(any one) of the continuous variables and draw a box-whiskers plot in excel

2.Write a report with (i) Introduction already written in Phase I )

(ii) Results and Discussion: a complete discussion on the topic using the frequency distribution tables and graphs made in Phase II, calculation of variance standard deviation, box and whisker plot etc. with complete description.

(iii) Summary and conclusion. If you have taken any information from secondary sources to justify your findings, give APA style citation.
1. The complete Excel sheet showing the calculations in (Phase I, II and III)

1. Browse and attach required files. The submission includes the following: 1. Complete report- The structure of the report is:
Cover page- Title of the work, section number, Names and IDs of participating students with description of contribution from each student.
1. Table of content
2. Introduction
3. Results and Discussion
4. Summary and conclusion
AND 2. Excel sheet with all calculations

Attachment:- General Instructions for Phase.rar

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