BUS631 Group Project - Training manual - create a ‘Training

Group Project: Training manual

Throughout the course you have been studying about companies that had ethical leaders and unethical leaders. You have learned that there are certain characteristics that promote ethical behaviour.

A) Your task is to create a ‘Training Manual' for a newly formed company/ organization (a fictitious company). The manual must contain 7 main topics covered in the course:

1. Ethics - What is ethics?
2. Stakeholders - Who are the stakeholders?
3. Corporate social responsibility - What is corporate social responsibility? What are the different levels of CSR?
4. Ethical issues - What ethical issues may companies be confronted with? (Choose any 5)
5. Leadership - What is the leadership role in ethics?
6. Corporate culture - What is the role of corporate culture in ethics
7. Decision making - What are the main factors which may affect ethical decision making?

B) Each topic must contain:
- An overview: Explain what the topic is and how it applies to your company and employees;
- Training material: Create visual ‘take away' material for your training participants (e.g. infographics, mind maps or other materials explaining the topic);
- An activity: Create a training activity to reinforce the topic.

The finished manual should look like this:

I. Introduction
II. Table of contents
III. Overview of your company
IV. Topics
1. Ethics
An introduction/ overview Training material Training activity
2. Stakeholders
An introduction/ overview Training material Training activity
3. Corporate social responsibility
An introduction/ overview

Training material Training activity
4. Ethical issues
An introduction/ overview Training material Training activity
5. Leadership
An introduction/ overview Training material Training activity
6. Corporate culture
An introduction/ overview Training material Training activity
7. Decision making
An introduction/ overview Training material Training activity
8. References

C) Finally, you should contact a company of your choice (in Saudi Arabia), provide them with your training manual and seek their feedback. How did it go? Would you change anything?

Project presentations

Each group will present a brief summary of its findings, including all group members in the presentation. Group presentations should be max. 20 minutes in length and should cover key points. It is not necessary to present everything in your reports: you should focus on a sub-sample of the most interesting and relevant points of each section of the report and include an overview of the leader, his/ her characteristics and leadership style (as studied in class) as well as recommendations on how to encourage leadership in your country.

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