BPE4613 Construction Economics - Muscat College - Describe

Construction Economics

Assignment Brief:

Imagine that the Darbat (local construction company) and United Kingdom based company
-Buildex formed a partnership company named as "D.Buildex Co. LLC". The newly formed company is planning to bring variety of building material products and equipment's in Oman's market. However, it is decided by both partners to conduct a feasibility study in Oman to get an overall idea of competitors, pricings, clients that shows interest in purchasing these types of construction materials and probability of 5 years plan.

You are required to prepare the followings:

Question 1. Brief introduction of both the companies, mention their achievements and yearly turnover of the year 2021 in OMR (remember it is an imaginary company)

Question 2. Describe the process of forming a company registration and Licenses (permissions / approvals from government, fees, timeline etc.,) in Oman and mention all the activities that new company would function. Also, prepare the step procedure in a flowchart.

Question 3. Describe the varieties of building materials & equipment's and what advantages these products will bring in the market in terms of quality and pricing.

Question 4. Prepare a Feasibility study report of 500 words. (This should reflect competitors, pricings, clients etc)

Question 5. Prepare a brochure (Single A4 Sheet) for advertising the company's and its products.

Question 6. Conclusion and Recommendation.

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