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Assignment Question

Choose in only one of the following topics:

1. Analyse the supportive programme provided by Sultanate of Oman to the businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with concentration on:
a. What are supportive packages provided by the government to the businesses.

b. Is there any extra support provided to the Omani SMEs or the packages were the same for all businesses?

c. To what extent the provided packages were effective in support the Omani businesses during the pandemic?

d. Do you suggest any extra supportive packages/ programmes to be provided to Omani business during the Pandemic? If yes, please state.

2. The SMEs sector in Sultanate of Oman received significant support and faced some challenges last few years. Please analyse this sector with concentration on:

a. The evolution of number of registered SMEs in Oman last five years

b. The role of supporting institutions for Omani SMEs and their achievements before and during the COVID-19.

c. Your suggestions to improve the entrepreneurship in Oman

3. Analyse the Omani Balance of Payments (BOP) for the period 2015 till 2019 with concentration on:
a. The analysis of the trade account
b. The analysis of the capital account
c. Your suggestions to improve the status of the Omani trade balance

The contents of your report must include:

1. Introduction
2. Discussion - analysis, evaluation, etc.
3. Conclusions
4. References

Attachment:- Principles of Economics.rar

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