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Case studies

Instructions: Read and analyze each case carefully. Answer all the questions.

Case Study 1:

Question 1
a. Based on the case study apply the SWOT analysis on how they can effectively manage the company.
b. Discuss whether the strategies used by the company is effective with justification.

Question 2

a. Determine the appropriate organizational structure displayed in the case. Briefly explain

b. Explain briefly steps of developing organizational structure/design that company may follow.

Case Study 2

Question 3
a. Would you agree with the statement of Reda "Don't worry, you just try your best to win your team mates, later on you will get support from them."

b. Analyze what management function is not effectively applied by Salim? How he can improve it?

c. What would you recommend to Salim to manage his team effectively? Write.

Question 4
a. Explain the 3 level of cultures shown in the case. Identify each level the specific culture shown in the case.

Case Study 3

Question 5

a. Explain the steps of decision making process to Wafa with regards to her problem.

Question 6

a. Analyze the motivational theory that is applicable in her case? Justify your answer.

Case Study 4

Question 7
a. identify and list down the main elements of communication shown in the case.

b. Identify the types of communication shown in the case:

Question 8
a. Would you suggest that Leadership style be changed?

b. Do you think that bayan can be a good leader? What recommendations can you give her to become a good leader?

Case No 5:

Question 9
a. Identify 2 types of managerial skills showed by Samira.
b. Determine at least 2 functions of management that are shown in this case. How they become useful to the company?

Question 10
a. Evaluate how long- term plan and contingency plans are used in this case.

b. Analyze the types of leadership styles shown by the CEO, do you think his style of leadership is good? Why or why not?

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