BAF415 Graduation Project, Liwa College of Technology -

Graduation Project -

1) Working tile of your Paper(subject to change)

The Gap between the Returns that Calculated by Capital Asset Pricing Model and the Actual Returns in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX): Evidence from the United Arab Emirates

2) Overview of the problem/challenge: Provide a brief description of the problem/issue you propose to investigate. Give your reasons for choosing this area for your investigation - as to why do you think this is something important to be investigated.

3) Research question/objective: Specify the problem you have identified. What is it precisely that you are attempting to find out? A clear statement of the purpose of your research is necessary, either in the form of a hypothesis or a research question. Your research findings will be measured against your statement of research objectives, so they should be clear and achievable.

4) Research method: Outline allthe research methods you propose to use to undertake your study and to gather data. Both secondary and primary research methods should be described in as much detail as possible.

5) Population & Sample of research

ADIB (abudhabi islamic bank)
EMSTEEL ( Emirates Steel Arkan)
RAKBANK (Ras Alkhaima bank)
ADNIC (Abudhabi national insurance company)
ADPORTS (Abudhabi Ports Group)

6) Discussion and Analysis:Describe the techniques you plan to use to analyse the data you collect.

7) Literature Review: Identify the main authors, themes and theories that you wish to explore in your dissertation, and list any models that you might apply, test or review.

8) Practical and ethical issues: Identify any practical difficulties you may have to overcome in working on your project and gathering information, and discuss any ethical issues involved in undertaking your research.

9) References: Please provide a complete list of all the references you have used in writing your research proposal. It is vital that you list your references correctly.

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