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BAEC2204 Principles of Macroeconomics - Al Musanna College of TechnologyInstructions:

1. It is an individual assignment with presentation.

2. Students have to choose any topic from the following and discuss information relevant to your selected topiccovering(how relevant the topic to the economic development, Application of economic principles and give examples to support your topic)

3. The word limit of the report is between 1700- 2000 (Times New Roman 12 front, using 1.5 line spacing, pages no.). Your essay should include references relevant to your topic. You are allowed to include a reasonable amount of relevant supporting materials in the appendix.

5. The report should be submitted electronically.

6. The structure of the report should be:

1- Cover page includes the following: Title, name of students & ID, subject &section no. and Lecture's name
2- Table of Contents
3- Introduction

4- Body
• Heading one
• Heading two
• Heading three

The number of headings depends on your assignment
5. Recommendation
6. Conclusion
7. References (Browse various websites, journals and books related to the topics).

1. Oman's vision 2040 - Perspective of economic growth
2. Overview of banking sectors in Oman
3. Overview of Oman's GDP in the year 2019-2020
4. Inflation: its nature, role and control in an economy (Any Country)
5. Role and effects of foreign exchange market in an economy
6. Effects of changes in crude oil price on Oman economic growth
7. Macroeconomic environment and its impact on economic development(Any Country).
8. The impact of demographic fluctuations within a country on its economic performance (Any Country)
9. High unemployment rate is one of the most challenging factor in economic growth(Any Country)
10. Role and importance of monetary policy in economic development. (Any Country)
11. Role and functions of central banks in Oman towards economic development.

Attachment:- Principles of Macroeconomics.rar

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