Appraise the oragnisational and social changes which affect

COMP 1009.1 Project Management - Middle East College

Learning Outcome 1: Adapt to a developing business environment and be able to implement and manage changes to strategic business objectives while critically evaluating the quality of their contribution.
Learning Outcome 2: Appraise the oragnisational and social changes which affect both individuals and society of, technology and information systems projects.

Assignment Objective
You are encouraged to see the role of a project manager within the broader perspective of strategic business management, understanding where projects come from and why they are selected.

Assignment Tasks
Read the following scenario and tasks, understand and present your response in a document not more than 10 to 12 pages.
Within the broader perspective of business information systems you are required to choose an information systems project, which you planned to undertake as part of your final year bachelors project, and complete the below tasks. The selected information systems project must be based on your pathway specialization: Human Resource or Accounts and Finance or Supply Chain and Logistics. (You can refer MEC Learn for list of sample projects).

1) Task1 - Submit assignment work proposal for this assignment on or before 01.04.2021, 23:59 which must include:
• Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables.
• General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution to task3 and task4.
• Timeline for completion of the given tasks. [1 marks] The assignment work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in MEC Learn.

2) Task2 - Research and Literature on
a. Business processes of selected project
b. Project Requirements Collections (Functional and Non-Functional project requirements)
c. Project Stakeholder Management
d. Project Planning Approaches The following is expected:
You should perform a comprehensive literature review on the above to include at least 5 academic resources for each, academic resources can include: books - research articles - popular websites, and must be coherently presented. You must also critic the selected references. Literature review must be well written using reflective sentences and must not be simple ‘cut and paste'. Must follow CU- Harvard referencing style. [200 to 300 words for each]

3) Task3 - For the selected information systems project submit the project scope statement. The scope statement must include: (40 Marks)
a. Project Objectives which must be derived after considering
• Needs of project or customers' requirements and
• Stakeholder analysis
b. Proposed technology to be used in the selected information systems project, this must be selected based on:
• Operational concepts and
• External interfaces (hardware and software requirements to complete the selected project)

4) Task4 - Write a synopsis of one page to highlight the importance of selected project for the society or to organization. Also what ethical standards you will adopt in the selected information systems project?

Attachment:- Project Management.rar

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