Analyze the most important system functions by drawing the

COMP 1004 System Analysis and Design Concepts - Middle East College

Learning Outcome 1: Apply the tools of structured analysis within a process of systems development

Learning Outcome 2: Describe the different phases of systems design

Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate appropriate input and output design considerations

Assignment Objective

This is an individual case study aimed to apply analysis and designing techniques during system development.

Task 2:

In the first assignment of System Analysis and Design Concepts for the current semester, you have already completed the initial investigation of an Information System that was selected for you. In this task, you will conduct all activities and prepare all deliverable products associated with the System analysis and design process for the same system that you have studied in assignment1. At the conclusion of your study, you will prepare a comprehensive, high-quality assignment report containing your results. You will also design a prototype model (Design only) of your proposed system using a suitable interface of your choice. Note that all diagrams must be drawn using suitable software.

1. Analyze the user requirements that have been studied in the first assignment by drawing the following diagrams:
• Context diagram which includes a relevant name for the system, at least 3 external entities and 12 data flows.
• Analyze the most important system functions by drawing the DFD level 0. You need to include at least 4 major processes, 4 data stores, 3 external entities and 16 data flows.

2. Analyze the conditions that are related to the studied system using one of the following tools:
• Decision Tree with a minimum of 8 conditions and 4 actions Or
• Decision Table with a minimum of 4 conditions, 4 actions and 4 alternatives.

3. Define at least 10 data elements that are present in the previous diagrams using a data dictionary.

4. Design at least four input/output forms that visualize 4 different user interfaces in consistency with the previous diagrams. For each form, you need to add an appropriate IPO chart.

5. Write a reflective writing section that summarizes the contents of your work, learning from the MOOC course that is shared with you on Moodle and evaluation of your experience.

Attachment:- System Analysis and Design Concepts.rar

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