Analyse the presentation of the theme/issue in a maximum of


Analyze couple of children's novel and develop a question

- Choose a social issue or theme that has interested you whilst studying on this degree/studying on this module.
- Analyse the presentation of the theme/issue in a maximum of three children's books, one of which may be a picture book.
- We strongly advise taking on only one or two books, given how few words you have to work with (4000 words, plus or minus 10%, is shorter than you might expect).
- So, in this assignment you could choose to write about one novel only.
- Or you could write about two novels.
- Or you could write about a novel and a picture book.
- All of these options are fine, but there must be a novel included.

- You show the ability to recognise and extract important theoretical concepts from the literature on childhood studies and on children's literature, using them to organise a critical, detailed, and balanced discussion of a relevant theme or issue

- You demonstrate the ability to apply abstract ideas to critically analyse your chosen childrens book(s) effectively and convincingly

- Your chosen focus and essay structure demonstrates your ability to develop, carry and support a sustained argument

- You use appropriate academic conventions for the presentation of your work.

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