Analyse the impact of risk management on the operations in

Learning Outcome 1: Critically review the principles of emergency planning with respect to preparedness for response and recovery from natural and man-made disasters including the role of the media.

Learning Outcome 2: Critically review the political, economic and social factors associated managing public sector organisations

Learning Outcome 3: Analyse the impact of risk management on the operations in the public sector organisations in pursuit of their statutory duties and policies


As part of the review of the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar in 2022, you have been tasked by the Brigadier of Qatar Civil Defence to critically analyse the current locations of all the Fire Stations, equipment and numbers of personnel within the State of Qatar and to evaluate whether or not they will meet the needs with regards response times to the World Cup Stadiums that will be constructed

Members of communities may want to know why the changes are taking effect (if at all) and will be concerned that Qatar Civil Defence QCDD are taking ‘their' Fire Station away from them.
How would you suggest the media be involved in this process?

Provide details of any associated costs you believe will be necessary and where this will be sourced from. This may reflect any shortfall in equipment or personnel be realistic and justified

Your 2000 (maximum) word report will include the following:

• Introduction, introduce yourself and why you are writing this report, who it is for and the aim and objectives

• Aims and objectives

• Main body of the report; including

The location of the current fire stations, personnel and equipment.

Your proposals should the current locations and numbers be insufficient. Any additional funding needed, where this will be allocated and where you would get additional funds from should they be required, these have to be realistic and justified, timescales should also be considered. Plans indicating the current location and proposed new fire stations (if required) should be supplied

• Conclusion; of your findings i.e. a summary of what you have identified for consideration

• Recommendations; what YOU believe the Brigadier should consider (solutions)

Attachment:- Assignment Template.rar

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