40400151 Construction practice and management Assignment

40400151 Construction practice and management - Al Hussein Technical University

Assignment - Construction Company Operational Expansion

Learning Outcome 1: Describe the construction industry with reference to company structures and other activities.
Learning Outcome 2: Explain different types of construction companies within the market and their relationships within the tendering process
Learning Outcome 3: Discuss the key stages in a construction project, and how Building Information Modelling informs the different stages
Learning Outcome 4: Analyse how the construction industry has developed suitable collaboration strategies in support of greater recognition of health & safety

Assignment Brief

You are a trainee working in a medium size construction company. The company intends to expand their office to include all construction operations to be in-house instead of outsourcing. This transition will include hiring more construction professionals and develop Building Information modelling (BIM) unit to integrate into the whole process. You are asked to make a presentation to assist the company to develop the structure of the professionals to serve this expansion. In addition, you will write a report clarifying the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) through the process of different project's volumes.

Finally, you are expected to develop a strategy to demonstrate understanding of global health and safety procedures in construction and adjust those to meet the local needs.

In Part.1 of the presentation you will explain the professional development in construction industry referring to the structure and links between the professionals in a construction company. This will identify the mechanism which companies developed their contracts and relationships. Your analysis will provide a critical evaluation on how companies have developed their structure and reflect their values and ethos. The presentation will also explain the relationships between different types of construction companies by comparing the factors that differentiate between types of companies contract and tendering. This is based on the analysis of the nature of the construction companies in the market and the procurement methods that defines their linkage giving examples from the local market

In Part.2 you will write a report focusing on modern construction processes and how sustainability can be integrated. You will add examples and explain how contract planning techniques enabled projects of different sizes evaluating the impact of BIM in the construction process and operation. In addition, you will provide a detailed analysis the innovative methods and contracts which reflects on the successful delivery of the project. The report will also show a recognition of health and safety in construction industry and role of collaboration between the stakeholder. In this you will demonstrate the benefits attained through benchmarking health and safety legislation. Also, you will evaluate the impact of H&S legislation with their advantages and weaknesses within construction.

Attachment:- Construction practice and management.rar

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