23304 Accounting for Financial Institutions, Al Zahra

Accounting for Financial Institutions

Introduction.Explain the role and importance of Banks in the financial system.

Discussion. Address the following questions and cite references from books, journals, and websites.

Question 1) Explain the link between the bank Income statement, and the bank Balance Sheet.

Question 2) Choose any bank in Oman (listed in MSE) and analyze the performance over two years.
Income statement analysis
Balance sheet analysis

Question 3) Discuss the Impact of Financial Technology (FinTech) in the Field of Accounting ( opportunities and challenges faced accounting )

Question 4) Following the learning outcomes in each chapter, prepare and solve a problem (journalizing different Bank transaction departments) for each chapter.

Question 5) Essay Question: Based on a country's experience, discuss the effect of COVID 19 crisis on Non-Performing Loans and how banks manage that during and post COVID.

Referencing. Cite reference in-text and in the list of references following APA 7th Edition.

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