033200 Fundamentals of Innovation And Entrepreneurship

033200 Fundamentals of Innovation And Entrepreneurship - University of Sharjah

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is a distinct region, covering a large region extending from Morocco to Oman, including all Middle Eastern and Maghreb countries, a region synonymous with the Greater Middle East. The population of the MENA region is about 381 million people; the vast majority living in middle-income countries represents about 6% of the total world population. MENA is usually grouped by international, economic, and academic organizations; influenced by economic and political transformations, but with an inheritance for better growth. Therefore, it benefits from a privileged geographic location - access to large markets, such as a young and frequently educated population, and comparative advantages in different sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, and renewable energies. Also, MENA economies are implementing reforms to improve employment, economic growth, diversification, governance structures, private sector development, and integrity.

Entrepreneurship is an essential driver for economic growth and innovation. A report on the Middle East's economic recovery (2016), highlighted the impact of entrepreneurship's "multiplier effect" on an economy. The report also claimed that for every ten successful new enterprises, nearly $1.5 billion in current valuations and more than 2,500 jobs are created. Furthermore, if we talk about the digital spaces, a generation of local MENA start-ups have emerged and gained a base throughout the value chains of various sectors, such as - e-commerce, logistics, digital music, last-mile delivery, and travel. All these illustrate the growth of local digital entrepreneurship. As a result, entrepreneurship (start-ups) in MENA region play an important role in technological innovation which is affected by several factors, such as differences in strategies, economic structure, infrastructures, environments, and culture.

Overall, the ecosystem encouraging the growth of MENA's digital entrepreneurship potential has been falling into place, with growing demand, increased government enablement, bolder entrepreneurs, and generating VC firms. However, to unlock all its entrepreneurship potential, we shall discuss the six best practices that all public and private investors-including VCs, CVCs, public entities, family offices, and so forth can adopt. We aim to examine the start-up scene environments in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia among others. You may wish to touch on the government strategies that support the start- up communities, the local challenges, and the unique strengths of each country. The report shall address such issues as:

- How does technological advance occur, and what are the strategic processes and institutions involved?
- How are new businesses created? To what extent is intellectual property protected?
- Which cultural characteristics serve to promote or impede innovation? In what ways is wealth distributed or concentrated?

These are among the key questions framing policy and strategic decision-making at a firm, industry, national, and regional levels.

Content and Structure

Essay Report

- Introduction (Background information about your topic - discuss issues concerning an industry, country, or region -, research purpose (i.e., aim) and objectives) (400 words)
- Literature review (900 words)
- Critical evaluation of secondary data (Comparable analysis of earlier research findings) (800 words)
- Conclusion & Recommendations (400 words)
- Reference List (APA Referencing style)
- Appendice

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